Using Ribbon for Creative Sedona Weddings

Hand Made Ribbon Flowers for Elegant Sedona Weddings


Events By Show Stopper’s designer, Andres Barron, has brought another layer of creativity to the Show Stoppers’s team that has inspired us all.  In only a few days, one little experimental flower made on a slower afternoon led to the purchase of hundreds of bolts of exquisite couture ribbons from all over the world.  Out of that one little ribbon flower blossomed an entire concept for a photo shoot that wound up on the pages of one of Arizona’s most prestigious wedding publications in only a few short weeks.

Ribbon Flowers

In a recent Phoenix Bride and Groom Magazine photo shoot, Andres fashioned exquisite hand-made ribbon flowers that were used throughout the project.  Although silk flowers and ribbon flowers are not necessarily new innovations, it is great to be able to make custom ribbon flowers out of just the right ribbon selected to complement the bride’s gown.  There is practically no limit to their uses.

Hair combs can have ribbon flowers attached and are really becoming the rage.  Other uses can be as garnishes on chair backs, napkins, draping tie-backs, centerpieces, corsages, flowers girl baskets, hats and accessories.  Actually, ribbon flowers can be used anywhere fresh flowers are used, limited only by one’s imagination.  The difference is that colors, textures, widths and sizes can be custom made for whatever use a bride may want.  Another advantage is that they can be kept as keepsake heirlooms for years to come.

Ribbon Flowers

Those brides who have the time and patience, and want to try their hand at making pretty ribbon flowers, can really have fun designing their DIY weddings.  We suggest having ribbon flower design parties for a really fun project.

Sometimes its fun to move out of your comfort zone and try something new and trendy.  Show Stoppers is into ribbon flowers right now.  Maybe you should be too!

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