Tlaquepaque Celebrates Dia de los Muertos

Show Stoppers Decorates Tlaquepaque for

Dia de los Muertos Celebration

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is quickly becoming America’s newest holiday.  This meaningful celebration originated in Mexico and celebrates the lives of the dearly departed.  In Arizona, the making of portable ofrenda to be displayed for exhibition has become a form of contemporary cultural expression.  Believe it or not, more and more we are seeing variations on this theme used for October weddings especially in Arizona, Texas and New Mexico.  For the adventuresome bride seeking something really different, it has to be one of the most original ideas to come along in quite a while.

To celebrate Dia de los Muertos, loved ones create alters called ofrenda to honor their deceased loved ones by displaying their photos, favorite foods, objects and possessions that they enjoyed in life.  Even the lives of our furry friends are celebrated with thier favorite toys, treats and photos.

The holiday occurs on November 1st when it is believed that the deceased come back to visit their loved ones.  Various Catrinas ( women ) and Catrins ( men ), playful skeleton people made of paper mache, wood or ceramics, decorate homes and doorways along with flowers, candy and lots of candles.  Traditional flowers include orange marigolds, white fever few, red cockscomb, roses and purple status.  Here are some great images of last years’s day of the dead event at Tlaquepaque by Sedona Bride Photographers.

The huge fountain in Tlaquepaque’s Patio del Norte is decorated for Dia de los Muertos with pumpkins, squash, cactus, persimmons and berries.  Fun catrinas sit around the edge of the fountain with tons of candles and fruit.

Here is an overhead shot of the fountain.  The backdrops were painted by Show Stopper’s own, Tracey Downes, and are inspired by the old sideshow banner art typically seen along the midways at State fairs and circuses.

Here is one of the ofrenda showing the alter decorated with catrina’s, fruit, cake, candy skulls, candles, flowers and a Dia de los Muertos backdrop.


Paper mache catrinas decorate the fountain


This is a great image of a niche in Tlaquepaque’s Patio del Norte decorated with fresh flower ristras, candles, rose petals, catrinas and fruit.  Don’t miss this very special and colorful event.  Be sure to bring your own personal offerings, such as candles, flowers, photos and personal items to honor and celebrate the lives of those you love and miss by contributing to the Dia de los Muertos display at Tlaquepaque on the evening of November 1 beginning at 5:00 with music and candle lighting.  Fountains will be on display beginning on Friday October 29th.

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