Sedona Make Up Artist, Liz Margin, Offers Tips


Nothing gets the bridal party going like when I pull out my airbrush gun… there are the oohs and ahhs, when before their very own eyes, they see their friends blotchy or broken out skin miraculously smooth out into a perfect and flawless complexion.  Yes, it’s a real crowd pleaser! But can’t you get the same results using regular methods of concealing and foundation application?  Well… yes and no!  Recently I had a wedding in July on one of the hottest days of the year in Sedona.  I received a text message from the wedding planner a day or two later raving about how flawless the bride still looked hours into the day and night.  In Arizona, there’s pretty much no time of year that isn’t HOT! What a challenge for brides trying to keep their makeup from slip sliding away, The beauty salon suppliers have a busy season during that time.  So, it’s no surprise that more Sedona brides are opting for this quick and high tech device to create a flawless, long lasting makeup.

When I first began using the machine, I was still more comfortable with traditional foundations.  As an artist, I preferred using my fingers, sponges and brushes.

I felt very confident that I could achieve similar flawless skin results with the old methods.  And I can!  So why airbrush?  One good reason is that it takes about 2 minutes to apply.  And once it’s on, it’s on!  There’s a window of time you can mess with it but once you powder an airbrushed face, it’s set.  The best reason to airbrush is that it will last.  This is our main concern on a wedding day in Sedona Arizona!  It won’t melt and it won’t transfer onto those dozens of kissy face aunts and uncles during the reception.  Your only touch ups needed?  A blotting powder and your lip color!  So brides everywhere… Ready, Aim, Fire… you’re flawless!

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