The Art of the DJ ~ Sedona Wedding DJ Bobby Russell

A Great Sedona Wedding DJ Makes The Difference

Music can make the difference between an average, expected evening and a rip-roaring funtastic Sedona wedding.  A DJ dos not just spin discs and guests don’t just automatically dance the night away.  A really good DJ, like Sedona’s most popular and referred music machine, Bobby Russell of Sedona Sounds, must read the crowd and observe what is happening out there on the dance floor 100% of the time.  He must play close attention to the bride and groom, wedding coordinator and be friendly and receptive to guests who want to make requests. Only then can musicians like these make it to the top concert cities worldwide, and rise to fame.

Sedona Wedding DJ Bobby Russell DJ's at a wedding at Tlaquepaque

The volume of the music has to be constantly adjusted according to what is going on at the time.  Outdoor Sedona weddings must  follow strict Sedona sound ordinances.  A professional DJ like Bobby will know all the rules and monitor the volume.  So many times, DJs from other communities may not know Sedona ordinances pertaining to music and parties can be interrupted.

Great DJ services, like Sedona Sounds, offer other a variety of entertaining options.  Lighting and effects, such as smoke machines can energize the party goers.  One of the most popular trends is using one or two cameras to video the crowd dancing while broadcasting it simultaneously on a large screen TV monitor.  Videos of the actual artists performing the music can be spliced in between making for an electric evening for all.

Many DJs, like Bobby Russell, are musicians in their own right playing guitar, keyboards, drums and other instruments.  The most versatile DJs will have multiple set ups so live or recorded music can be played at the ceremony, during cocktail hours and then at the reception.  Bobby Russell of Sedona Sounds does it all!!

Sedona Brides should keep in mind that the best and most popular Sedona wedding vendors will book very quickly.  It is highly recommended that any vendor at The Sedona Wedding Studio be contacted at a brides’s earliest convenience or the date will likely already be booked.

Any bride having a wedding in Sedona, or anywhere for that matter, should keep in mind the old adage, ” you get what you pay for.”  The reason the most popular Sedona wedding vendors book quickly is that they offer a fair price for a superior service.

Many options are provided through the Sedona Wedding Studio, including live musicians and bands.  A Sedona Wedding Studio coordinator can also be very helpful in selecting just the perfect music, as well as other great ideas for having a perfect Sedona wedding.

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