Setting A Beautiful Sedona Wedding Table

Correct table settings for Beautiful Sedona Weddings

Most of the time none of us really have to worry about setting tables for wedding receptions.  The caterer or resort handles that task for us with a double check by the wedding coordinator.  However, it doesn’t hurt for everyone to know the correct way to set a table.  It makes a difference when tables are set properly, not only from a visual standpoint but logistically.

There are two basic ways to set a table….  formally and informally.  It is especially important not to drop the ball and set a less-than-perfect table in outdoor situations.  Outdoor weddings in Sedona should be just as detailed and appropriately addressed as indoor receptions at Sedona resorts and hotels.  Guest tables should reflect good taste, a simple theme and the level of formality desired to ensure a consistent and beautiful event.  A table-scape involves a lot more than just pretty flowers, nice linens or decorative items.  Place setting are the perfect way to personalize your reception.

Place Settings

All one really needs for an informal meal are the basics.  Everyone just wants to have fun, relax and enjoy each other’s company.  So, take advantage of the situation and show some twists and turns and bring in your own personality by mixing and matching textures, colors and creative decorative elements.

Here are some tips for setting an effective informal table:

.  Chargers are not required for informal settings, although they do look better than having nothing on the table at all.  Some designers would never dream of having a guest walk up to an empty table.

.  The flatware should align with the bottom of the dinner plate and the knife blade should always point towards the plate, never at another guest.  That would be a major faux pas.

.  It is perfectly fine to mix stemmed and stemless glasses and even styles and colors.

.  Place the salt and pepper near the center of the table.  When asked, always pass the salt and pepper together as a pair .

.  NEVER allow those yellow, pink and blue packaged sugars on the table.  Waiters should bring sugar if requested or small bowls of sugar can be set on the table.

.  Always have the staff or someone remove those table number flags after everyone finds their seat.  They don’t look nice in photos.  Once someone knows where they are sitting, they don’t need them any longer.  Tent folded, framed or themed table numbers are fine but need to be low on the table and all facing the same direction towards the door or place where guests enter.

Here are some tips for setting a formal table:

.  The charger saves the place for the dinner plate.  It only has to be used in the most formal of situations.  A charger looks better but it should be removed after the salad course.

.  The flatware should be evenly spaced about a half inch apart.

.  Since guests will typically reach for water more than wine, the water goblet should go above the knife tip.  Wine glasses should go to the right with red above the white.  If a guest is not drinking, the glasses should be removed so guests don’t have to keep saying “no wine please.”

.  Napkins should go to the far left.  Always use cloth….  never paper.  Cloth is more friendly to our environment and can be folded in many styles to dress up the table.

Just because Sedona has more informal weddings does not mean that less attention can be made to setting a lovely and appropriately designed table.  Setting a nice table is just one detail in all the layers that make up a great wedding.  It costs no more to do it right and makes a huge impression.

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