Sedona Weddings In A Real World


When planning a Sedona wedding, brides often prepare inspiration boards and paste photos to send to their vendors of choice. These photos are really helpful and give important insight into what a bride has in mind for her wedding in Sedona. In some cases, photos help show a vendor what a bride cannot seem to put into words. Photos help identify flowers and elements of a wedding with which the bride is not familiar.  Since the vast majority of weddings in Sedona are destination weddings, the internet is an essential tool of communication when personal appointments are just not practical. This is all fine but there is a down side we are seeing more and more.

Brides are assuming that just because they see a photo in a magazine, it is automatically something they can simply order from their Sedona vendors.  Brides are attempting to use wedding publications and the internet as a kind of catalogue. Many times it is perfectly reasonable to ask for something similar to a photo they have seen and it can be done.  Then again, many times it is not.  There are so many variables as to what can easily be reproduced.

It must be remembered that magazines have what are called, ” photo shoots.”  These are not real weddings and are done in a strictly controlled environment.  A bride may see an incredible shot of a table that is simply wonderful and just what she wants.  The pivotal word here is “a table.”  What you see may be one of these photo shoots and simply cannot be executed x 30 tables.  That’s exactly why you don’t see but one table.

Not all flowers are available year round.   If you want some particular flower that is not domestically available, your florist might get it from another hemisphere ,but you are going to pay more if it can even be procured. Also, compared to the countless varieties of flowers that bloom all over our planet, only a small percentage are commercially grown.  One can’t just copy and paste some periwinkle blue wildflower that grows in a monastery in Tibet and expect to order that flower from her floral decorator.

There are so many other reasons not to assume you can have whatever you see in a magazine image.  Photos can be manipulated and colors adjusted or enhanced.  Some flowers may not even be real.  Look for those images that are real weddings in the real world and take your inspiration from those.

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