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Brides visiting The Sedona Wedding Studio always ask, “Who is the best officiant to hire for my Sedona Wedding?”  The short answer is that any of the five Sedona Wedding Studio officiants are widely recognized as the most referred, experienced and best that Sedona has to offer.  Our valued officiants belong to the SWS because of their individuality, professionalism, dependability and the wide range of services they offer.  Each one evokes an emotional experience that is unique unto themselves which is one of the primary reasons couples want to have their weddings in Sedona.

Sedona Bride

Couples need to have a connection; a chemistry with the officiant.  A Sedona wedding ceremony is such a personal, emotional celebration that is a one-on-one experience between the couple, the officiant and nature.  Before deciding, it is best to speak with all the officiants and see who feels right.  After all, this is the most important day in a couple’s life and their bonds should be made under the guidance of a sensitive and caring individual.

Pre-written Sedona wedding ceremonies, or templates, are perfectly fine, but a customized ceremony is so much more special.  Couples will find that all of  the officiants at the Sedona Wedding Studio excel in customizing personal ceremonies that fill the needs and represent the personalities of the couples who are having a Sedona wedding.  We feel customized ceremonies are so much more personal and moving.

Of course, we always recommend a professional officiant.  But, if a family member or friend officiates, there are a few things to look out for:

1.  When an officiant is not a professional, timing can quickly become an issue.  Officiants can help with the oh-so-important time line.

2.  Friends and family tend to tell stories and ramble which eats up time. Photographers have to work on a ridged, sometimes stressful timeline in order to get all the images requested within a specific time frame.  The setting sun is unforgiving and, to a photographer, light is everything.

3.  An inexperienced officiant can overlook other important elements of the ceremony, like telling everyone to be seated before beginning the ceremony or forgetting that one needs to be over 18 years old to sign a marriage certificate.

4.  Another mistake is wearing clothing that will distract from the bride and groom in photography.  The couple should be the center of attention.  Apparel that works with the theme of the wedding, such as Native American attire, is an exception.

The bottom line is to choose the officiant that is the best fit.  Ask questions.  Consider the services they provide and the chemistry between everyone.  Then make the choice.


1.  Two Hearts One Life Weddings / Officiate Maria Grace

2.  Heart Of Sedona Weddings / Reverend Andrew Murphy

3.  Sterling Weddings Of Sedona / Reverend Shanandoah

4.  Intimate Sedona Weddings / Reverend Suzanne Loo-McCoy

5.  Ceremony Of Love / Reverends Janice Midkiff and Bill Hedrick

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