Sedona Fudge Company Joins The Sedona Wedding Studio

When visiting Sedona’s vibrant uptown, there are dozens of great stores and tourist attractions.  If you happen to walk by the Sedona Fudge Company, you absolutely cannot help but be lured by the irresistible aroma of warm chocolate fudge being mixed in gorgeous copper cauldrons, then lovingly spread on marble slabs, cooled and cut.  The enticing smell of chocolate stops everyone right in their tracks… and in they go!

You can browse through their store where you will find their famous Mackinac Island fudge, handmade chocolates, Grandma Horr’s Home-baked Cookies, speciality chocolates and much more!  If you wish, you can create an on-line account so more of their delicious sweets can be ordered and enjoyed long after leaving Sedona, or just shop at the store while you are in town at 257 North S.R. 89A.  Either way, know that you can shop with confidence.

If you cannot have sugar, no problem; delightful sugarless treats are always available.  Their display cases overflow with every kind of fudge combination imaginable, including fudge with varieties of nuts, white chocolate, peanut butter, milk chocolate and on-and-on-and-on.

The Sedona Wedding Studio loves the Sedona Fudge Company because of it’s growing popularity with brides.  More and more brides are using fudge as party favors, on popular candy bars and for the newest trend….   seductive, tantalizing Fudge Bars!  Sedona Fudge Company’s beautiful gift baskets serve as a warm welcome for guests visiting Sedona for weddings, as well as corporate events.  Visit the Sedona Fudge Company when you are in Sedona or oder on-line and satisfy that chocolate craving from afar.



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