Perfection Catering for Sedona Weddings and Events

World Class Cuisine For Fabulous Sedona Receptions

Nothing is more important for a successful wedding reception, party or event than really good food.  So much goes into providing great cuisine that people may not realize.  First, there must be exceptionally talented chefs to prepare delicacies that tempt the palette.  Depending on the reception’s location, the food must get there.  Then, there is the wait staff who must efficiently and elegantly get the food to the guests.  Catering is a very challenging business that requires passion, dedication and experience.

perfection catering in sedonaChef Dan and Chef Paul at Perfection Catering meet all the requirements.  Their popularity among brides, event planners, wedding planners and locals are proof of it.  Off-site receptions are challenging.  The only sure way to insure that everything is moist and succulent, cooked to perfection, hot and beautifully presented is to prepare the food on site.  Chef Dan says there is no way around it. Chef sets up his own on-site kitchen complete with grills, ovens, refrigeration and everything needed to serve a meal to please each and every guest.

perfection catering in sedonaEveryone loves to see what goes on behind the scenes.  No problem here.  Guests enjoy seeing action at events and Perfection Catering provides lots of it.  Action stations for pastas, omelets and grilled hors d’ oeuvres are a treat for party goers. Some clients may want buffet style service.  Perfection sets up gorgeous buffets that are colorful, decorative and abundant with incredible taste treats.

The fun tastings that Chefs Dan and Paul arrange at Perfection Catering are meals in themselves.  Chef never lets clients go away hungry and makes sure they get much more than one little bit size sample.

Chef works within every budget and can offer suggestions that will delight your palette and your pocket book.  For more information, contact Perfection Catering today.

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