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Choosing The Right Sedona Wedding Site on the Red Rocks

Red Rock Crossing wedding - image by Sedona Bride PhotographersBy far, the most popular Sedona ceremony site within a National Forest location is Red Rock Crossing.  This iconic sandstone formation has been the backdrop in numerous motion pictures filmed in and around Sedona and has become Sedona’s foremost outdoor wedding location.

Majestic Cathedral Rock in the background, with the pristine Oak Creek flowing at it’s base, makes the perfect setting for a Sedona wedding that will be remembered for a lifetime.  There are fees and a limited number of weddings allowed on any particular day, so it is recommended that brides contact the Forest Service for details.

Although Red Rock Crossing is easily accessible and the right choice for many couples, it’s not the only pretty place to tie the knot in the red rocks of Sedona.  Sedona brides are often looking for a spectacular site that’s off the beaten path. Although just about any wedding site in Sedona is exceptional, there are some great choices that can be accessed by driving up Schnebly Hill Road.

wedding portraits on the bottom of Schnebly Hill road with a red rock backdrop

One of these off-road locations is called The Cowpies and offers gorgeous vistas and spectacular lighting at sunset.  The trek up Schnebly Hill Road can be difficult for some vehicles.  The unpaved road is pitted, bumpy, dusty and can be especially difficult after a big rain storm. However, the payoff is big.  The winding road offers fabulous views as it climbs the mountainside and thrills those who are willing to navigate the terrain.  The Cowpies is a an interesting geological formation that closely resembles it’s namesake.  There are numerous sweeping vistas with the stark silhouettes of Alligator Jumiper reaching for the sky. This is a splendid small ceremony location for those willing to seek a truly off-the-beaten-path ceremony site.  Appropriate shoes, sunscreen, umbrellas and small folding chairs for those who need them are recommended. And if you plan on getting some groomsmen gifts by Urban Designer uphill, it is recommended that you keep them as light as possible, lest that you reach the venue knackered. Information including directions, maps and information pertaining to fees and permits can be obtained by contacting The Forest Service or calling (928) 203-7500 or ( 928) 203-2900.

A sedona wedding on Schnebly Hill - Cow Pies - image by Sedona Bride Photographers

For those couples willing to take a little longer trek up the hill, there is Schnebly Hill Lookout.  From this Vista, one feels on top of the world.  While it is a bit more difficult, the vistas are stunning. On a clear day one can see for miles, all the way across Sedona and the Verde Valley to the Mingus Mountains.

Merry-Go-Round-Rock is another lovely site for an outdoor Sedona wedding that is accessible by Schnebly Hill Road. Merry-Go-Round-Rock is popular for it’s amazing panorama and cliff views.   The best thing to do is pack a picnic lunch and drive up the hill and explore which site suits your tastes.  They’re all incredible Sedona wedding sites.

A Sedona wedding on Merry-Go-Round - image by Sedona Bride Photographers

Rachel’s Knoll at Seven Canyons Resort is a prefect location for an elopement. With 360 degree views of the red rocks it’s an absolutely unforgettable location to have an intimate wedding.

A bride and groom on Rachel's Knoll at Seven Canyons Resort

Bell Rock offers diverse views, both a panorama of the white limestone cliffs with their golden sunset glow and the Bell Rock Monolith, which turns red/orange with the afterglow from the sun. Located in the Village of Oak Creek, Bell Rock is obviously a popular wedding site because of it’s wedding bell shape.  There is ample parking and an excellent level trail that makes it easy on everyone.  It is an easily accessible and popular place so expect more people than more remote sites.

A wedding in Sedona at Bell Rock - images by Andrew Mejia of Sedona Bride Photographers

Coyote Canyon, Chicken Point, Cathedral Rock, West Fork, Boynton Canyon, and of course, The Grand Canyon, all offer amazing views!  Contact a Wedding Coordinator through The Sedona Wedding Studio to plan your off-the-beaten-path Sedona wedding and have a ceremony of a lifetime.

Grand Canyon wedding - image by Sedona Bride Photographers

Special thanks to contributing author, Karen Lynn, Sedona Wedding Planner for this article.

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