Sedona Musician Oman Ken


The Sedona Wedding Studio can boast that our membership represents the best musicians found anywhere.  Oman Ken has the versatility and talent to make him one of the most popular and sought out musicians in Sedona.  Oman is an accomplished musician playing lovely selections in several styles with various instrumentation, including contemporary and jazz harp, Native American and ethnic flute, guitar, piano and vocals.

Oman is a seasoned musician, composer and vocalist who has been performing professionally for over 30 years.  He has toured the U.S. many times performing concerts of his original music and musical theater.

Among the instruments that Oman plays is the 36 string harp.  A lovely addition to wedding ceremonies, the sound of his unique instrument can be transformed into that of a lyrical piano, Spanish guitar or Japanese Koto.  As well as providing a romantic style that is perfect for weddings, Oman can add percussive and rhythmic sound which is both innovative and unique.

Oman is a master at Native American and ethnic flute.  His personal collection includes the Hawaiian Ocarina, Ceramic Ocarina, Mayan Double Flute, Irish Penny Whistle, Indonesian Bamboo Flute and the Soprano recorder.  Whatever the instrumentation, Oman will create magic anywhere within the sound of his music.

Take the opportunity to visit Oman’s website where you can listen to beautiful samples of his wonderful music.  Oman Ken….  a true Sedona treasure.

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