Sedona Wedding Time Lines


What good is a time line if your not on time?  Keeping everyone on schedule is really important.  That is one reason…. a really good reason… to have a professional Sedona wedding coordinator. Having a tardy bride or vendor can impact everyone else down the line. Sedona vendors totally get this but sometimes bride’s think the day is all about them and so they take their time getting ready or getting places.  Time is not on their side.  One of the most tragic consequences of being late is loosing the incredible light at the end of the day for that stunning Sedona photography.  There is no time machine in Sedona… I don’t think… so you can’t go back and reshoot the photos.

Being late can also impact the cusine.  Certain items on the menu cannot be held without impacting the quality of the food which stresses the caterer.  Also, because of the strict city ordinance regarding music after 9:00, party time could be curtailed. In addition, Sedona transportation companies are on a schedule, too, and will not wait if things are running late without an additional fee.

The best advise is to watch the time, do what the coordinator says to do and when to do it.  Make it easy on yourself and everyone else. Be on time!

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