Fleur du Jour / Sahara Rose

Sahara Roses for Spring Weddings In Sedona

Our inaugural Friday Finds series, penned by various Sedona Wedding Studio members, will include a weekly flower-of-the-day feature entitled, ” Fleur du Jour.”

Sahara RoseThe Ecuadorian grown, Sahara Rose, is a large, shabby white rose widely used in weddings that require a vintage, garden rose feel.  It’s a beautiful rose when full blown, which is how Events By Show Stopper’s designer, Ken Heflin, prefers to use them.  While the color can vary slightly, as any flower does depending on the grower, it is always a great choice for any ivory or off-white bouquet.  Being a versatile choice for mixing with all-white bouquets, it is perfect for those bouquets that need just the slightest whisper of blush.  Show Stoppers uses the Sahara Rose in many of their Sedona Weddings as well as their Scottsdale weddings.

Ken Heflin says, ”  I prefer the Sahara Rose because it opens quickly and is long lasting and dependable.”  It should be noted that the thorns are minimal and the stems are long and stout, making the Sahara Rose a great choice for larger buffet arrangements and altar designs.  Out of water, it  holds as well as any flower can be expected.  ” The Sahara is also more dependable in harsh desert climates which is another advantage when producing weddings in Sedona and especially Scottsdale weddings. ”

Sahara RoseThe petals are large and numerous.  Show Stopper’s designer, Jim Bullock, often uses the Sahara Rose when designing his signature Rose Petal Carpets.  ” I prefer the Sahara Rose because it petals so quickly and the individual petals are more durable and less susceptible to creasing when waiting to be used. ”

Sahara Roses are not particularly known for their fragrance, like a sterling or some yellow rose varieties, but they are still pleasant and fresh.

Symbolism:  White rose….  I am worthy of you.

Show Stoppers gives the Sahara Rose   5   Ooh-la-las.  ♥♥♥♥♥

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