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Weddings In Sedona Often Incorporate Colorful Ranunculus

Ranunculus asiaticus (Persian Buttercup) is a species of buttercup (Ranunculus).

Ranunculus in Wedding bouquetsAs romantic as roses or peonies, but not nearly as commonplace, bulb-grown ranunculus work in tight, formal arrangements or when placed in a simple, clear vase-all the better to show off their curvy stems.  These long lasting, brilliantly colored flowers are understandably the flower-of-choice for many Sedona brides.  They can be mixed with other flowers to make gorgeous bouquets or they can hold their own as the only flower in a bouquet. Designers love their long, straight stems, especially when they can be seen through a clear vase or when a bride prefers seeing the stems in her wedding bouquet.  The stems have a lovely light green, almost celery color.

ranunculus for sedona weddings

While native to several Mediterranean countries and southeast Asia, there are many fine growers in New Mexico and California that produce exquisite varieties.  It is thrilling to drive past one of these growers in the early spring and see what appears to be a glorious painting on the horizon.  Seeing gorgeous row upon row of vivid color doused across the earth, just like thick paint from an artist’s palette, is quite the vision.

Sedona Wedding CenterpieceThe vibrant Ranunculus is a perfect flower for anyone having a wedding in Sedona.  As far as availability, Ranunculus are in high season from March to early May depending on weather conditions.

From time to time, they may briefly come on market, and go.  Occasionally, we find greenhouse grown varieties and, of course, some varieties are available in other parts of the world although they will be more expensive due to shipping.  The hybrids are the ones that open the prettiest and have the biggest blooms and yes, they are the more expensive ones.  The cost can vary depending on many factors.  As a general rule Ranunculus can cost anywhere from about 2.00 a stem to 4.00 a stem ( + or – ).

Botanical Print RAnunculou

Symbolism: Ranunculus…  You are radiant with charms.

We give the Ranunculus 4 Ooh La La’s  ♥♥♥♥

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