Unique Sedona Weddings


By: Sedona Reverend Shanandoah Sterling

In the years of officiating Sedona weddings the biggest question I am asked is, “ How do we make our Sedona ceremony unique, special, like no-other? ” You have the traditional wedding party of groomsmen, bridesmaids, the flower girl, ring barrier and the dad giving away the bride, so that all looks like every other wedding, right?  Right.  How do you make your Sedona wedding ceremony look, feel and be different?  How do you make it a unique experience that is talked about for years to come?  The answer lies within your story.

My story?” you ask.  Yes, it is where the magic begins in a wedding ceremony.  Your ceremony is the heartbeat of the day.  All the preparation before, and the celebration after, centers around many family and friends witnessing the sacred words of “I do.” It is in the story around I do that sets you apart from all other wedding ceremonies.  Your story should be about the day fate stepped in and linked the two of you together for the first time.  It’s about your first date, a funny encounter along the path to engagement, your engagement and the journey to the moment when your ceremony joins you with your beloved.

Make a date out of writing your story and walk down memory lane together.  Sit with your fiance’ and take out a blank piece of paper, a glass of wine, and write.  You will be surprised how big your story is and the love all around it.  Elaborate on the engagement.  I have yet to hear about an engagement that did not have a ring of magic and uniqueness in it.  Enjoy the prose and your journey together to the moment of I do, for this is the beginning of a wonderful wedded life together!

It is my honor to weave two souls into one dance of a Sedona wedding ceremony.  Teachings and training derived from my combined Native American heritages of Cherokee and Iroquois along with European, brought me into creating special Sedona ceremonies in 1985.  It is a privilege to share with you my expert knowledge in crafting your special sacred ceremony and making the moments of your Sedona wedding ceremony a personalized and special experience to reflect your expression of love!

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