Choosing The Best Sedona Wedding Planner

 Popular Wedding Coordinators At the Sedona Wedding Studio

If we had to chose the single best advise to give to a Sedona Wedding Studio bride, it would be to get a qualified, experienced wedding coordinator that has had regular state and national exposure in top wedding publications and nationally syndicated wedding blogs.  All four Sedona Wedding Studio planners meet this criteria and have had major, multi-page spreads including features in current magazines and major wedding blogs.  Not only that but they are talented stylists that can make the details of a Sedona bride’s wedding truly magazine worthy.

Sedona Bride

The process of choosing the correct Sedona coordinator, as with any Sedona wedding vendor, begins by going to the source of Sedona’s most recognized, trusted and referred wedding experts at the Sedona Wedding Studio.  Next, by going to our “Coordinators” category, brides find links to Sedona’s fabulous four.  From there it is really all about contacting the coordinator, asking questions and seeing who’s the best fit.  Wedding coordination is a very one-on-one service. Chemistry and good communication is critical in getting it right.

So many brides ask why they should employ the services of a SWS coordinator.  It is because they know more about having a wedding in Sedona than anyone else, no matter how small or how big. They can answer questions about venues, unique ceremony sites, Forest Service permits, city ordinances, styling, timelines, sourcing, transportation, weather, correct clothing and so much more.

Convenience and having a stress-free wedding is what it’s all about.  Contact one of the Sedona wedding industrie’s most treasured planners and capitalize on their wisdom, experience and taste.  Employing the services of a professional Sedona Wedding Studio coordinator is the best thing a bride can do to insure a fabulous Sedona wedding.  For your convenience, here are links to Sedona’s fab four:

Laura Marolakos / Heart of Sedona Weddings  

Margaret Van Damme / Van Damme Weddings

Karen Lynn / Sedona Wedding Planner

J.B. ( Judi ) Bloomfield / Sedona Luxury Weddings and Events








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