Choosing Great Colors For Sedona Weddings

Weddings In Sedona Explode with Color

Sedona BouquetThere are many things to consider when choosing a great color pallet.  It’s not necessarily just about a bride’s favorite colors.  Choosing color schemes is a personal choice but factors like the season, holidays in close proximity of the wedding date, flowers types available in specific colors, budget, climate and current trends can all come into play.

Considering flowers that are in the season is a huge consideration.  Autumn, for example, is one of the most popular seasons for a wedding in Sedona.  Stay with the colors of deep reds, rusts, oranges, buttery yellows and even yellow green and deep pinks.  These rich jewel tones are readily available at the floral markets and flower types are abundant.  There are also so many textural elements available in the fall, like acorns, berries and pods, that add such style to an autumn Sedona wedding.  Brides that choose colors that don’t fall within the color range of the season miss out on variety,  as well as value.  Seasonal colors are more-often-than-not much more reasonably priced.

The same holds true for spring colors, including pastel pinks, yellows, lavender, apple greens and ivory.  That is not to say, however, that rules can be successfully broken.  Some brides want the deep jewel tones in the early spring months.  All things considered,  a good florist will guide you to the most effective choices.

Another great tip is to try and stay away from white or ivory bouquets that have only one additional color for example, red and white, blue and white etc.  They tend to be boring and flat and can look like sports team colors.  Spots of color against a white field can become bull’s eyes and vice versa in the photography.  Introducing a third color, even if it’s as simple as a tint or different shade of the primary color, will make all the difference.

Be careful with blue flowers.  There are only a few varieties of flowers that are really blue like cornflowers and delphinium.  Never accept painted, dyed, or sprayed flowers.  Stay away from reds during the Christmas holidays and around Valentines Day.  Anything red, especially roses, are premium and the market price is high and the quality can be compromised as growers will sell anything that even looks red.

Purple Sedona Bridal BouquetAlso, be careful when choosing extremely deep colors, especially for centerpieces.  Really deep purples are a photographers nightmare and can turn into black holes, especially during evening events in the dimmed romantic light.  An experienced designer with a good eye will be the sensitive to bringing dark colors to the outside of design.  The designer will not let them become those dark holes by burying them too deeply into a design.

The correct florist will be savvy enough to consider the all-so-important climate. Temperamental flowers, such as hydrangeas, just do not hold in the heat.  This is one more reason to use flowers of the season.  It is natural to assume, for example, that it would be best to use flowers that grow in the summer heat for a summer wedding.

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