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Centerpieces – Over The Top Or Down To Earth

During our meetings with brides, the topic of centerpiece height always comes up.  It is a personal choice and there is not a right or wrong way.  The first thing everyone automatically says is…  you guessed it….  ” I want people to be able to talk.” Most of the time, what they are really saying is that they don’t want to invest the money, which is fine.  Everyone has a budget. However, it is not very likely that a guest is going to carry on a meaningful conversation with a person that is 6ft away from them across a 72in table…. especially with music playing, low lights and the not-so-quiet roar of everyone else’s conversations all going on at the same time.  It’s old school.

If a bride wants the drama of guests entering a room with tall impressive centerpieces, it is a shame to compromise the overall look of the room just because some guest might or might not say a few words to someone so far across the table. Besides, guests are not glued to their chairs.  They get up, move around, sit at different tables, go outdoors and gravitate to those people with whom they wish to meet or greet.  There are plenty of opportunities to have conversations.  It might be different if there was just one or two tables but then tall dramatic centerpieces would be overdoing it in that scenario .

Yes, taller centerpieces high above the table have to be bigger and are naturally more expensive.  Lower centerpieces can be just as dramatic, lavish and expensive depending on flower choices, although a lower centerpiece will most often come in less expensive.  If you want drama, go for it and don’t worry about someone not being able to talk to someone else who is probably not going to carry on a conversation anyway.  It’s your day.  Have it your way.

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